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Width: 68in
Depth: 24in
Height: 44in
Weight: 112lbs

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$600.00 per unit
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$720 per unit
Regular Price
$600.00 per unit

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The Italia Bars are made of of solid molded plastic. The Itialia Bars come with an internal light that illuminates the bar. There are two light options: WHITE and MULTI-COLOR. You can set the MULTI-COLOR light to Red, Green, Blue or Purple - or you have the option to rotate through each color. The light is included with this item. Please select A WHITE or MULTI for your light color choice. Please be sure your electrical service order indicates the location of this item in your booth space, meeting room, etc.
Item Dimensions
Width 68in
Depth 24in
Height 44in
Weight 112lbs
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